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The Emily/Outing ATV Grant-In-Aid State Trail opened in June 2014. The Over The Hills Gang ATV Club, in coordination with our trail sponsor Cass County, maintains the Emily/Outing GIA ATV Trail. The Emily/Outing Trail is open from May 15th to October 31st for both Class I and Class II ATVs.

This ATV Trail system is 56 miles in length which includes the Moose River Trails. The trail system begins in Emily, MN located on the southern part of the trail, travels through Outing, MN and further north to the Moose River Trail loops which are located 6 miles north of Outing. The Emily/Outing ATV Trail also connects to the Northwoods Regional ATV Trail through the Moose River Connector Trail. This connector trail connects the eastern part of the Cedar Lake Loop of the Moose River Trail to the Soo Line North Corridor Trail. Once connected to the Northwoods Regional ATV Trail, the ATV rider can connect to all of the Aitkin County Trails, along with connecting to the Soo Line South Corridor Trails, and to towns and cites such as Hill City, Cass Lake, Boy River, Palisade, McGregor and Moose Lake.

The Emily Blind Lake ATV Grant-In-Aid (GIA) State Trail opened in September, 2021. The Over The Hills Gang ATV Club, in coordination with our trail sponsor Crow Wing County, maintains the Emily Blind Lake GIA ATV Trail. The Emily Blind Lake Trail is open from May 15th to October 31st for Class I and Class II ATVs, as well as Off Highway Motorcycles. This new multi-use ATV trail is a 16-mile trail connecting the counties of Crow Wing and Aitkin. The trail connects two major north-central Minnesota ATV Trail systems, the Emily Outing and Moose River ATV Trails, with the Aitkin County Northwoods Regional ATV Trail System, forming a continuous loop of over 70-miles of GIA Trail. Riders using trail amenities in the local communities of Emily, Palisade, Hill City and Outing will add new economic revenue for local businesses.

Funds to maintain these trails are provided by the MN Trail Assistance Program (GIA), through annual grants, fundraising efforts by Over The Hills Gang ATV Club and donations from the Emily/Outing and Cuyuna Chambers of Commerce, Club members and ATV enthusiasts.


Our ATV trail system has three main routes designated as the "Emily-Outing", the "Emily-Blind Lake", and the "Moose River Trails".  The Emily-Outing trail has "A" and "B" trails.  The Moose River Trails have three main loops known as the Plantation, Wren, and Cedar Lake Loops.  The Emily-Blind Lake trail connects you to the Blind Lake trail system to the east, making possible a 75-mile loop.

Tips for Riding Your ATV Safely and Legally in Our Area


A Trail Closure
Temporary trail section closure
During a "Special Club Meeting" called on 12/18/2021, a motion was made, and unanimously approved by club members in attendance to close a 2-mile section of the Emily-Outing "A" trail between Mill Road and Papoose Road for the 2022 Riding Season. This section is in the MN Highway 6 Right-of Way and ATV traffic will be routed to the "B" and "AB" trails so riders can continue ride between Emily and Outing and to area businesses. Riders that come from the west along Blue Lake Road can use the Anna Lake trail, south to Anna Drive, to avoid this closed section. Soil erosion, resulting from ATV traffic, is contributing to unwanted sediment being carried into Little Emily Lake affecting lake and aquatic life quality. The Hwy 6 bank leading to the highway shoulder is also eroding leading to the highway asphalt breaking away. Without immediate remedial action, conditions will worsen. Temporarily closing this section will allow time for our club to work with area partners to determine the correct repair action. Our club is working with the Roosevelt and Lawrence Area Lake Association, the Pine River Watershed Association, MNDOT, City of Emily, MN DNR, County of Crow Wing and Cass, and adjacent property owners to find short and long-term solutions.

·        Short-Term - 1) Close and sign the trail accordingly to reroute ATV Traffic. 2) Work with partners to develop a plan to restore affected area to prevent further run-off into Little Emily Lake


·         Long-Term - Gather and/or develop professional Engineering criteria for the construction of a sustainable, visually pleasing trail in Hwy 6 Right-of-Way corridor and then construct the trail to this criteria


This is a due-diligence approach to balancing the positive economic impacts ATV recreation brings to our communities while also protecting riders, lakes, highway users, and property owners along the trail. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we seek solutions.

Trail Maps

The Over The Hills Gang ATV Club typically publishes a new trail map annually which can be found at most local Emily/Outing businesses, at informational kiosks, or as a printable PDF file here on our site. Small changes as directed by our trail sponsor Cass County, or by the MN Department of Natural Resources requires us to drop or add trail sections. Please check the year on the map for the most up-to-date version.

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