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The Emily/Outing ATV Grant-In-Aid State Trail opened in June 2014. The Over The Hills Gang ATV Club, in coordination with our trail sponsor Cass County, maintains the Emily/Outing GIA ATV Trail. The Emily/Outing Trail is open from May 1st to October 31st for both Class I and Class II ATVs.

This ATV Trail system is 56 miles in length which includes the Moose River Trails. The trail system begins in Emily, MN located on the southern part of the trail, travels through Outing, MN and further north to the Moose River Trail loops which are located 6 miles north of Outing.

Funds to maintain these trails are provided by the MN Trail Assistance Program (GIA), through annual grants, fundraising efforts by Over The Hills Gang ATV Club and donations from the Emily/Outing Chamber of Commerce, Club members and ATV enthusiasts.

Some Do's and Don'ts:

  • You cannot drive an ATV on any Emily City Sidewalks
  • You cannot ride on MN Hwy 6 road shoulders or road bed
  • You can make a direct perpendicular crossing of MN Highway 6
  • You can ride an ATV on Crow Wing Cty Rd 1 - Far right side of road surface
  • You can Ride an ATV on designated City of Emily streets
  • Mind your Speed, and Ride with Lights On

The ATV trail system has two main routes designated as the "A" and "B" trails, and three main loops known as the Plantation, Wren, and Cedar Lake Loops of the Moose River Trails.


Trail Repair May 2020
Trail Repair 2020 2

The dry spring has provided healing for most of our trails. In 2019 we opened trails late on Memorial weekend, and we closed trails one week early in the fall due to soft soil conditions. We were left this year with many rutted sections of trail, culverts that had either washed out or lifted up from the frost, over zealous beavers constructing dams across our trails, and downed tree's due to soft soil around roots combined with strong winds. We put together a repair plan that helped open most of the trails on May 15th. We hired a licensed beaver trapper who removed a total of 20 beavers along our trails and township roads that were flooded over. A severely damaged section of the "A" trail going north from Sunset Hill Road to the Wren Loop of the Moose River Trails will need to remain closed for at least another 30- 45 days. We are also dealing with a water spring on this section of trail that percolates water out onto the trail, resulting in the trail being soft and soupy. This section always has had water holes, which we are trying to maintain for the "mudders" while also providing alternative dry or hard bottom safe routes around the water holes. This section of trail is challenging to repair, and we ask for your patience as we construct a more sustainable trail for all types of riders to enjoy.
We have temporarily postponed any new construction work on the Emily Blind Lake ATV Trail Connector. We have our hands full dealing with the "A" trail repairs, we are waiting for our 2020 Grant-In-Aid funding, and we need to watch our budget. The club has to match 35% of all expenditures on new construction and by cancelling our Pork N Ride, we will be without $10,000 or more in fundraising funds to help fund on-going construction at a more faster pace. We are still projecting a trail opening in September 2021.
We have been blessed with a solid numbers of volunteers that have come out to help. Volunteers who can run heavy equipment such as skid steers and excavators, along with volunteers that are not afraid of some heavy lifting, or getting down on their hands and knees to screw in a new boardwalk deck board, or picking up supplies at the lumber yards. We need all of you, and cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts!

Trail Maps

The Over The Hills Gang ATV Club typically publishes a new trail map annually which can be found at most local Emily/Outing businesses, at informational kiosks, or as a printable PDF file here on our site. Small changes as directed by our trail sponsor Cass County, or by the MN Department of Natural Resources requires us to drop or add trail sections. Please check the year on the map for the most up-to-date version.

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Map of Moose River and Emily Outing Off Highway Vehicle Trails