Trail Maintenance and Development

  • Trail audit: join a group ride to assess and inform on the current state of our trails. Identify areas that need attention. Rides occur each spring and fall.
  • Trail maintenance: each year we focus on areas of our trail that need repair and improvement. Come help us move trees, regrade trails, trim brush, repair bridges, etc. You can join a work team on a scheduled day or you can work on your own under the direction of a club leader.
  • Trail signage: Installing, upkeep and ordering. Every year signs get removed, shot by firearms, or we just need more.
  • Trail construction: Help us build a new trail! The club leaders can notify you when construction tasks are being performed and assistance is needed.
  • Ongoing trail inspection: We assess trail conditions after busy holiday weekends and seasonal storms. We need riders to get out on the trail and report back on conditions and problem areas so appropriate action can be taken. This can be done on your own schedule and instructions will be provided.

What would you like to help with?

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