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ATVAM Survey Shows Great Interest In New Clubs In Southern Minnesota

The response to a survey posted on the ATVAM Facebook page was outstanding.

106 people took the poll, indicating they are interested in organizing and/or joining a new ATV club in southern Minnesota, to help build more ATV trails.

It's great to see this much interest, and from riders in a number of counties. ATVAM will help set up meetings in the future to keep this moving forward. Keep an eye on the ATVAM Facebook page, and the ATVAM twice-monthly newsletter for more details.

DNR Accident Report Reinforces Importance Of Club-Sponsored ATV Safety Classes (123 last year!)

ATV clubs across Minnesota are planning their schedules for 2020, including dates for their ATV Safety Training Classes. A dozen classes are already posted on the Minnesota DNR website. The DNR recently released its 2019 report of ATV accidents and fatalities. The numbers reinforce the importance of the work ATV clubs and their members put into safety training. Last year, 123 classes helped 2,735 youth ages 11 to 15 obtain their ATV Certificates, and 2,626 adults also were certified.

Bruce Lawrence, Recreational Vehicle Coordinator with the DNR Division of Enforcement, Safety Training and Education, provided ATVAM with several reports and state maps.

Facts from the "2019 Summary of Fatal ATV/OHM/ORV Accidents":

-There were 11 ATV fatalities:

-Of the 11 fatalities: 9 were on a road right-of-way, 1 was on private land, 1 on a designated trail;  5 involved alcohol.

-Both Class 2 fatalities involved a SxS hitting a car. A number likely to go up as the popularity of SxSs increases, and they are legal on virtually all roads but State and Federal Highways.

-Of Class 1 fatalities, 4 involved hitting a fixed object, 3 rollovers, 1 thrown from machine, 1 machine-to-machine collision. The youngest was 11; the oldest was 76.

-Six drivers were outside the age requiring an ATV safety certificate. Of the 5 that were required to have a certificate, just 1 did.

Lawrence also provided ATVAM with state maps showing "Number of Reported ATV Accidents (Including Fatalities) By County 2003-2019. The total was 4,560 ATV accidents for that period.

A second map shows "Number of Fatal ATV/OHM/ORV Accidents by County, From 2003-2019". The total of all OHV fatalities is 318 for that period; of that total, ATV accidents accounted for 301.  (Drag maps to your computer screen to save, view larger to show your club)

If you'd like the full report sent to your club, send an email to Dave Halsey, ATVAM Communications Director, at:

OTHG Club Hosts WCCO/CBS TV, Goin' to the Lake - Emily, MN Edition

The You Tube video is a "Goin to the Lake" / Emily segment from WCCO /CBS TV newscast that aired on Thursday July 13th, 2017 on the WCCO/CBS TV 10pm newscast. The Over the Hills Gang ATV Club organized a 7-mile ATV ride for the WCCO crew that started at Granny's Bar and Grill and ended at Sweets & Such in Emily, MN where they were treated with ice cream. OTHG Club members brought ATV personal protective equipment, such as gloves, helmets,goggles, splash pants, and boots to ensure the safety of the WCCO crew, and conducted some safety training before the ride. Club Members brought ATV Class I machines for Meteorologist Chris Shaffer, News Anchor Liz Collin, to ride individually, and Class II ATV's to transport a cameraman, photographer, social media and promotions team member on the ride. Additional information and videos can be found on the WCCO /CBS Facebook page.

Shown in the picture to the right is WCCO/CBS Meteorologist Chris Shaffer and News Anchor Liz Collin along with OTHG ATV Club Members and MN DNR Volunteer Trail Ambassadors Dave Kodada, Daniel Olmshenck, Ben Allen, John Halverson, Lynn Remington, Bub Moser and Perry May.