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June 19


Pork-N-Ride: June 19th, 2021

COVID-19 disinfecting protocols will be in place. Please wear a mask when needed and practice social distancing!

OTHG & Log Cabin event pic

Event Schedule

Award Winning BBQ Comes to Emily! Food Starting at 8AM - BSQ's BBQ Truck at Log Cabin

Breakfast option starts at 8AM!

Lunch Deals: 

  • Deal #1. Pulled & smoked turkey on a bun, beans, potato salad, and a pickle for $10
  • Deal #2. Pulled pork on a bun, beans, potato salad, and a pickle for $10
  • Deal #3. Beef Brisket with Nachos for $10

10AM - Guided Group Rides

  • See Below For Details

2 - 6PM - Raffle Tickets & Merchandise Sales

5PM - Pork-N-Ride Raffle Drawing

6PM - Mega Meat Raffle

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Event & Group Ride Parking

Guided Group Rides

Groups are limited to a maximum of 25 vehicles.

Group Ride Etiquette

1. Maintain social distance. It’s easy when you’re on your machine!

2. Ride with your lights ON! It's the law.

3. Everyone is responsible for the person behind them. Be sure they can see you before taking any turns.  If you lose sight of the person behind you, stop and wait for them.  The person in front of you will wait and so on until the Ride Leader sees something is wrong.

4. If you get separated from the group, stay in one place and wait for us to find you. We WILL look for you.

5. Get the Ride Leader’s name & phone number. This will come in handy.

6. If you decide to leave the group at any time please let the Ride Leader know so they don't go looking for you.

7. Group rides are usually slower paced because of the variety of riders involved. Please be respectful and ride at a safe distance.

8. Do your best to keep pace with the group. If you are having trouble, let the Ride Leader know and they will make arrangements to help you.

9. Rest stops are usually short. Pay attention to the Ride Leader and be ready to leave when it is announced.

10. Please ride buzz free & sober! Save any alcoholic beverages until after the ride. We need you to be your best when out on the trails.

Group Rides are Subject to Change

Ride #1

Blind Lake Connector/Soo Line/Moose River/Emily-Outing

Leaves at 10 a.m.

Leaves from the Log Cabin parking lot.

Trailer parking available. See photos above.

Distance = Approximately 50 miles. Actual route will be a surprise!

Difficulty = Medium. Mostly natural surfaces, some gravel minimum maintenance roads.

Amenities = Bathrooms & Restaurant

Ride #2

Hidden Meadows to Log Cabin

Leaves at 10:00 a.m.

Leaves from Hidden Meadows Bar and Restaurant south of Blind Lake ATV Trails. 42206 438th Ln, Aitkin, MN 56431

Trailer parking available. Please use SOUTH PARKING LOT of the Blind Lake trail system. See photos above.

Distance = Approximately 30-40 miles. Route goes from Hidden Meadows restaurant to the Log Cabin in Emily and back.

Difficulty = Easy. Mostly natural surfaces, some gravel and minimum maintenance road.

Amenities = Restaurants at the beginning, middle, and end.  Multiple bathrooms along the way.

Ride #3

Emily-Outing, Moose River, Soo Line, & Blind Lake loop. AKA "Turbo Track"

Leaves at 10 a.m.

Leaves from Outing ATV Parking Lot.  Across from public boat launch on County Rd 58 NE.

Trailer parking available. See photos above.

Distance = Approximately 50 miles. Start heading north through Moose River trails to Soo Line.  South on Soo Line to Blind Lake Connector.  Head into Emily to stop at Log Cabin.  Back up into Outing via -A- trail.

Difficulty = Medium to Difficult.  Ride will be FAST PACED!  Mostly natural surfaces with some water holes and puncheon bridges.

Amenities = Bathrooms & Restaurant

Ride #4

Outing to Centennial State Forest, Fifty Lakes, Emily-Outing -B- Trail

Leaves at 10 a.m.

Leaves from Crooked Lake Township Town Hall parking lot on Woods Bay Dr. NE in Outing.

Trailer parking available. See photo above.

Distance = Approximately 50-60 miles. The route heads West from Outing into the Centennial State Forest. Centennial is MN's newest State Forest!  Then we head south into Fifty Lakes via the "Old Grade", make a stop at the Log Cabin for food, then north on -B- trail back into Outing.

Difficulty = Medium. Wooded trails, with some gravel and forest roads. Trail is technical at the beginning with some steeper, rocky hill climbs and a few unavoidable puddles. You WILL get wet! Dress appropriately.

Amenities = Camp Lake Picnic area! Multiple play areas - Hill Climb, bermed sand track, and a puddle trail.  Restaurants at Fifty Lakes and Log Cabin.  Limited bathrooms on the rest of route.

Ride #5

Pickled Loon to 50 Lakes Muni + Bonus Trails!

Leaves at 11 a.m.

Leaves from the Pickled Loon ATV parking area. West side of Hwy 6 across from the WigWam Motel.

Trailer parking available. See photos above.

Distance = Approximately 45 miles. Route goes across Hwy 6 to the Emily/Outing -B- Trail, south to Ruth Lake access, then back across Hwy 6 towards the Buchite Lake Trail. You will follow trail all the way to the 50 Lakes Muni for a rest stop.  From there you will take a ditch trail to the Whitetail Trail and onward to Old Grade Road. Then its round about back to the Pickled Loon.

Difficulty = Medium. Lots of puddles! Some of these are unavoidable, so plan accordingly. Even mix of trail, ditch, and road.

Amenities = Bathrooms & Restaurant

Ride #6

Wigwam & All Points North! 

Leaves at 10 a.m.

Leaves from the Wigwam Motel. East side of Hwy 6 across from the Pickled Loon Saloon

Trailer parking available. See photos above.

Distance = Approximately 80 miles. Route will head in a northerly direction to include various parts of the Emily/Outing trail system as well as trails not on our maps.

Difficulty = Medium to High. Pace will be quicker than other rides, and some sections may be rough.

Amenities = Depends on route


Ride #7

Juice Box Cruise/Scavenger Hunt

Small scavenger hunt for kids along the way!

Leaves at 11 a.m.

Leaves from Log Cabin parking lot.

Trailer parking available. See photos above.

Distance = 20 miles

Difficulty = Easy. Slower paced. Good for taking ALL ages!

Amenities = Hot dog lunch at All Pine Inn with juice boxes for the kiddos! Donated by OTHG.


Ride #8

Draper Tower Road to Hill City

Leaves at 10 a.m.

Leaves from the Draper Tower Road ATV parking lot.

Trailer parking available. See photos above.

Distance = 60-70 miles. Ride will head east to the Moose River Connector and Soo Line trails. The south to Hill City Connector, then north on the Hill City trails. Same path coming back.

Difficulty = Medium to Difficult. Hill City trails have tight, rugged switchbacks.

Amenities = Bathrooms down the road from parking lot, and one along the way. Restaurant at the halfway point. Plus, the 1937 Draper Fire Tower is just a short trail ride from parking lot!


Ride #9

Clint Converse Campground/Hidden Meadows Restaurant

Leaves at 10 a.m.

Leaves from the Clint Converse Campground

Trailer parking available onsite.

Distance = 60-70 miles. Start at Clint Converse Campground and head south to Emily-Outing trails.  Continuing East to Blind Lake Connector and Hidden Meadows restaurant.  Then back to Emily-Outing trails to head north onto the Moose River Trails.  Back to Clint Converse.

Difficulty = Medium to Difficult.  Some parts of the trails on the west of Hwy 6 are rugged.

Amenities = Bathrooms at the campground. Restaurant at the halfway point, and along the way back.



June 19


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