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Message from New OTHG Club President Perry May


Hello to all Over the Hills Gang ATV Club Members. Annual Club Elections were held on Saturday 8/5/17, and after 15 years of holding the job as President of the OTHG Club, Meri Lysne, decided not to seek re-election, yet, continue as an active OTHG member. I was elected as your new Club President for a 2-year term, and have big shoes to fill. Other Officers elected for a two-year term include, Jim Remington as Treasurer, and Ben Allen re-elected as Trail Coordinator. Linda Thurk was elected to fill the remaining 1-year Secretary’s position vacated by Jim Remington, and Lynn Remington voted in to fill the remaining 1-year Vice President position vacated by Perry May. Please join me in welcoming all our new Club Officers and in thanking them for taking up these volunteer club leadership positions.


Meri has been the face of our club since its inception. She and her husband Jack have also been long-time ATVAM (All-Terrain Vehicle Association) members, and Meri’s business, Vacation Land Realty, has been a long-time ATVAM business member and consistent advertiser in the MN-OFF Roads magazine. Meri plans to stay as an active member in the OTHG Club and as an active ATVAM member; just not in a leadership role. In her words, she would like to "retire" from President, pay her dues, and maybe get out and ride more.


Meri has kept our club together through the good and bad times. She has built a great relationship with local business owners, local, county, and state government officials, and members. She has helped solicit multiple donations to our club to support trail development and improvements from the Outing /Emily Chamber of Commerce. She was a mainstay in perseverance while helping us stay diligent during our 10-year march to grant-in-aid for the opening of the Emily /Outing Trail and a great sponsor for the soon to be Emily to Blind Lake Trail. She recently led the development of a re-route of the trail system through Emily, preparing for the MN Highway 6 improvements in Emily, that would have closed off ATV traffic to local businesses. She helped create and lead our annual fund-raising event called the Pork N Ride held the first Saturday in June. She has accomplished much in her 15 years, and the sport of ATVing in the Emily /Outing area would not exist without her leadership.


Please join me in thanking Meri on her many accomplishments, and hoping she can get out and ride more!


As the new President of our club, I want to personally get to know all of you and invite you to participate in the many club and ATVAM events that take place each month. We are planning a “Get to know you Ride” and potluck / barbecue after our October 7, 2017 club meeting. For club information, we try to update our website at  on a regular basis.  We also have a Facebook page where topics of interest get posted.  We hold club meetings the first Saturday of every month beginning at 10:00am, at Granny’s Bar & Grill.  We do not hold regular club meetings on the months of November, December, or January.  I hope I can encourage you all to become active members and maybe even volunteer for an event of two.  You will find that you get more enjoyment out of club activities knowing you helped repair a trail, or volunteered to make an event a success. We have a great 56-mile grant in aid State Trail that brings in new ATV riders from all over the country, and also new revenue to the Emily /Outing area, that will grow larger in the next few years.  I will be starting a monthly club electronic newsletter soon to get more information out to club members and to keep you current on club ATV news. If you have any questions or comments regarding the club, feel free to contact me or any of the club officers.

See you on the Trails!   Safe Riding!

Perry May, President Over the Hills Gang ATV Club

The You Tube video is a "Goin to the Lake" / Emily segment from WCCO /CBS TV  newscast that aired on Thursday July 13th, on the WCCO/CBS TV 10pm newscast.  The Over the Hills Gang ATV Club organized a 7-mile ATV ride for the WCCO crew that started at Granny's Bar and Grill and ended at Sweets & Such in Emily, MN where they were treated with ice cream. OTHG Club members brought ATV personal protective equipment, such as gloves, helmets,goggles, splash pants, and boots to ensure the safety of the WCCO crew, and conducted some safety training before the ride. Club Members brought ATV Class I machines for  Meteorologist Chris Shaffer, News Anchor Liz Collin, to ride individually, and Class II ATV's to transport a cameraman, photographer, social media and promotions team member on the ride. Additional information and videos can be found on the WCCO /CBS FaceBook page.


Shown in the picture to the right is WCCO/CBS Meteorologist Chris Shaffer and News Anchor Liz Collin along with OTHG ATV Club Members and MN DNR Volunteer Trail Ambassadors Dave Kodada, Daniel Olmshenck, Ben Allen, John Halverson, Lynn Remington, Bub Moser and Perry May.


OTHG Club Hosts WCCO/CBS TV,  Goin' to the Lake - Emily, MN Edition

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