Trails: The Emily/Outing ATV Grant-In-Aid State Trail opened in June 2014. The Over The Hills Gang ATV Club, in coordination with our trail sponsor Cass County, maintains the Emily/Outing GIA ATV Trail. The Emily/Outing Trail is open from May 1st to October 31st for both Class I and Class II ATVs. This ATV Trail system is 56 miles in length which includes the Moose River Trails. The trail system begins in Emily, MN located on the southern part of the trail, travels through Outing, MN and further north to the Moose River Trail loops which are located 6 miles north of Outing. Funds to maintain these trails are provided by the MN Trail Assistance Program (GIA), through annual grants, fundraising efforts by Over The Hills Gang ATV Club and donations from the Emily/Outing Chamber of Commerce, Club members and ATV enthusiasts.


The ATV trail system has two main routes designated as the "A" and "B" trails, and three main loops known as the Plantation, Wren, and Cedar Lake Loops of the Moose River Trails.

TRAIL UPDATE: August 7, 2018

The repairs to the section of the "B" trail that has been closed since May are finally complete! As of 8/2/18 the entire Emily/Outing trail system is open! We engineered new "Challenge" sections into this part of the trail using skills our Officers and Members learned at a Great Trails workshop.

Watch for signs identifying rock crawls, water holes, and the dry path. The only small section where caution is still needed, because of logging activity, is pictured to the right.


Please obey all Caution and Closed signs.


The rest of the trail is in good shape. There are a few washouts, but none that are impassable. All water holes on the trail still have a good firm bottom and are navigable by stock machines.


Enjoy the rest of the season!

MN DNR Volunteer Trail Ambassadors: The Emily/Outing GIA ATV State Trail is monitored by MN DNR Volunteer Trail Ambassadors. The program exists to promote safe, environmentally responsible operation of OHVs through informational, educational contact and monitoring efforts. Stop and say hello and a thank you to a Volunteer Trail Ambassador!

Trail Maps: The Over The Hills Gang ATV Club typically publishes a new trail map annually which can  be found at most local Emily/Outing businesses, at informational kiosks, or as a printable PDF file here on our site. Small changes as directed by our trail sponsor Cass County, or by the MN Department of Natural Resources requires us to drop or add trail sections. Please check the year on the map for the most up-to-date version.


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